Time to show the middle finger

Have you always wanted to show politicians the middle finger? Tomorrow is your day. Tomorrow, you will be able to do this officially.

According to Election Commission's new guidelines, tomorrow, when you vote for Maharashtra assembly elections, the officer in charge will ink your middle finger.

As tomorrow is holiday and most of the malls, hotels, multiplexes will be closed , please spare some time to cast your vote wisely. Or for the next five years, your MLA will show you middle finger.

One more interesting observation : For the last Loksabha elections, I received many emails regarding Section 49-O.This time I didn't receive any. Last time, I saw many NGO activists on the street, requesting people to vote. I haven't seen any of them until now. What has happened ? Do these people think that Loksabha election is the only authorized election in India ? Or do have they realized that Punekar don't listen to anybody. So they are not wasting their time and money. Who knows ?

Vote wisely. Enjoy the remaining day.

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