Can I get one more ?

बायकॊ आिण नॊकरी - नेहमी दुसर्याची चांगली वाटते !!

I am currently experiencing the above fact. Of course, not the first part :D . In second part also, with some minor differences. I am not fascinated by others' jobs. But I am confused with my own jobs only ! The main problem is I am fascinated by all my job areas only. I mean I like OS, networking, web technologies, security & almost all fields of computers (Of course SE & OOMD are exceptions :P . But almost everybody hates them). Thats why I am currently little confused in deciding my priorities. I think many of my friends are also facing the similar problem.

So now my condition is like a child who has different types of chocolates in his hand & still looking for more with only one expression in eyes :

Can I get one more ?

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