जय पराजय तर नशीबाचाच भाग आहे
परंतु प्रयत्न करणे मात्र तुझ्याच हातात आहे

ऊठ ! हो तयार ! दाखव साय्रा जगाला -
ढगाळलेल्या आकाशातसुद्धा सुर्य मावळलेला नसतो ,
तो अविरतपणे तळपतच असतो, परंतु
जगाला तो सुर्याचा पराभवच वाटतो

प्रयत्न करणाय्रा सगळ्यांनाच यश मिळत नाही
परंतु तुझ्यासारख्यांना ते मिळूनही
त्याचे श्रेय मिळत नाही

काय चांगले ! काय वाईट ! हे केवळ नजरेवर अवलंबून ,
कनिष्टांकडे बघितलेस तर तू श्रेष्ठ होशील ,
श्रेष्ठांकडे पाहिलेस तर स्वताला कनिष्ठ समजशील
म्हनूनच कोनशीही तुलना करू नकोस
दुसय्रांनी केलेल्या तुलनेकडे लक्षही देवू नकोस
कारण हिरा जरी मातीत पडला तरी -
तो हिराच राहतो, त्याचे ढेकूळ बनत नाही

या समाजाच्या चौकटीत राहीलास तर -
तू स्वतंत्र अवस्थेत बांधला जाशील ,
’हे कर, ते करु नको’ अशा लोकांकडून -
जे स्वत:चे निर्णयही घेवू शकत नाहीत

म्हणूनच चाकोरीबाहेर पड
काहीतरी भव्यदिव्य करुन दाखव
कारण प्रत्येकालाच शिवाजी हवा असतो
पण दुसय्राच्या घरात जन्मलेला

पेटू दे तुझ्यातला अग्नी,
दिपवून टाक साय्रा जगाला
निष्प्रभ कर त्या परशुरामाला
ज्याने एकवीस वेळा जिंकले या विश्वाला

तु गायींच्या कळपात आलेला वनराज आहेस,
पण स्व:ताला गाय समजून बसला आहेस
म्हनूनच हा सर्व खटाटोप
कारण -
जय पराजय तर नशीबाचाच भाग आहे
परंतु प्रयत्न करणे मात्र तुझ्याच हातात आहे

This is my first post in marathi. So errors may present. Though I support Mozilla Firefox, my experience is that IE is better for marathi (at least today!).

Can I get one more ?

बायकॊ आिण नॊकरी - नेहमी दुसर्याची चांगली वाटते !!

I am currently experiencing the above fact. Of course, not the first part :D . In second part also, with some minor differences. I am not fascinated by others' jobs. But I am confused with my own jobs only ! The main problem is I am fascinated by all my job areas only. I mean I like OS, networking, web technologies, security & almost all fields of computers (Of course SE & OOMD are exceptions :P . But almost everybody hates them). Thats why I am currently little confused in deciding my priorities. I think many of my friends are also facing the similar problem.

So now my condition is like a child who has different types of chocolates in his hand & still looking for more with only one expression in eyes :

Can I get one more ?

I dream of dumb charades..

Date : 14 April, 2008
Place : ketaki's home
Occasion : Lunch party by Ketaki

Yesterday was one of the great days in my life. We had a party celebrating ketaki's placement in Microsoft.

After lunch we started for dumb charades. It was my first time to play ! I still remember how I acted first time ! But then I improvement myself. :P . We were playing almost for 5 hours with some members going (salil who went to tekadi without telling us, vedang for his so called submissions ) & some new members joining (ketaki's brother & his friend).In that time, we must have acted for more than 100 movies. We saw all transitions from supreme guessing (The Shawshank Redemption, 36 china town, Bend it like beckham, khajuraho :P etc) to some supreme acting (momento, original sin etc). We also saw chirayu's acting to tell gals to shut their eyes because he wanted to do some specail acting about some English movie name. They were so many such hilarious incidents which I can't all remember now at a time.

After that we went to garden where we saw kites of imaginations of harshad & kapil explaing K partner and all stuff. It was pure joy.

As every good thing has an ending, our party ended in evening & I came home. In dreams I saw the same members playing dumb charades with some new, different words. I don't know how much time it continued in my dreams. But when I wake up, I all was over.

I conclude with a saying Nachiket told me : I am not sad because its over. I am happy because it happened.

Waiting for more such incidents...