New year, new experiences...

One more year passed! Earth completed one more rotation around Sun! One more birthday passed with confusion whether to celebrate birthday because one more year passed or not to celebrate because one year is now reduced from life !

Let it be ! In this post I am not talking about last year's experiences or not trying to focus some unknown side of my life. I just want to put 2 experiences that I came across within the first week of new year !

1) Radio Speaker :
I am using normal Mercury speakers which are five years old now. Two months ago, I started to use new speakers having bass & all other facilities which I borrowed my friend because his computer wad down. I kept my speakers in cupboard. Three days ago, he took back his speakers & I started using my pair again. When I connected it, I was astonished. I can hear radio from one main speaker now. Of course its voice is low, but person sitting in chair next to computer can listen to it. When I start playing songs on computer, I listen song from one speaker with big voice & radio from other in low voice.

I don't know yet how to control it. I mean, I can only listen AM band on it with Pune . But soon, I will try to find how to play FM & other bands :P

2) Stopped call timer in mobile :
I use Motorola W220 cell phone. It works fine. But from 2 days ago, its call timer is stopped.Everything except that is OK. Now whenever I call someone or I receive any call, timing of call is always 0.00 minutes. But call charges are calculated perfectly :P . Of course its not highly important issue to pay attention, but stopped time counter ?? I have seen stopped speedometer of bikes. Its always possible. But this is unique I have ever seen !

I don't know yet how its happening. May be my wise friends can guide me. I am thinking to inform AAJ TAK about this issues. Who knows, I can be next breaking news :P :D

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@$%deja vu$% said...

lol... aaj tak is an awesome idea.. u can say, if someone calls and you get a call time zer... then, the phone becomes red and u die instantly... and that this is the curse of the big-bearded demon of planet alpha centaurus :D.... the next breaking news :D

Prajwalit said...

try imperious curse on speakers...
so as to control'em :P

Abhijit said...

Praj : What do you think ? I haven't tried it ? In fact, I tried to use that curse on waves its self so as to prevent them by going inside the speakers. But I failed. Yes, Its true. But now, I am developing EM version of inperious curse which works on Electro Magnetic waves.Once I am over with it, I can control entire Electromagnetic spectrum & my speakers also :P