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Puneri Patya.. A true pride of Pune. Something which can be only compared with Sadashiv Peth, Pune. Both show real puneri style of thinking ! :D :P

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Puneri Paatya

See replies along with patya. They are also awesome.
One more thing about the site. It is created by PICTians. So, a more reason to be proud of it. ( Thanks to Nachiket for this information !)

Narendra Modi wins again...

Narendra Modi is again the "man in the news". This time because of his "unexpected" huge success in Gujrat elections.

I say unexpected because the all the exit polls, the so called channel experts, even the bigger men in Gujrat BJP like Keshubhai Patel were against him. It was a battle between Namerdra Modi vs all Congress along with news channels. But he proved everyone wrong.

I think he is the true here of this event & we must accept it. Many people including some of my friends are on the level of high frustration because of his win but they must understand that Elections were for Gujrat people & they definitely know more than us about Modi & Gujrat. If they choose their government, who are you crying that these people are dumb & can't take decision for them. Just speaking by watching news channels is very easy. Everyone knows the standard of Indian news channel. Those channels shows some news if they get time after showing Bhoot Pret, Tantra Mantra & all nonsense stuff.

Back to Gujrat isuue again. In India, no party is perfect. It can't be. For existance, it has to follow all the way. For an election, what the party has done in last 5 years is important. For ruling party, what development it has done is important. For opposing party,whats the failure of ruling party & how it opposed controversial decisions of ruling party should be taken into consideration. And BJP has done excellent in last 5 years. No one can deny that. Here is the link that gives satisfactory reasons why Gujrat people voted for Narendra Modi. If you continue with the riots in 2002, you can't think anything unbiased. Every party in India has a riot associated with it. You cant ignore Congress for 1984 Sikh riots because it is too old now or it happened after Indira Gandhi's murder or Nandigram in West Bengal in ruling of leftists. People wanted peace which Modi gave them in last 5 years. He is not compromising on this issue, where Sonia don't speak anything against his aligned party leader M. Karunanidhi who praised her husband's murderer. Enen BJP won seat of Jamalpur which is of Muslim majority. This can't happen without trust of muslims on Modi.

So, moral is be open minded. Congratulate Modi for his win. If you can't do that, wait for next elections in Gujrat !!