The Project Day

Nachiket: Would you like to become my partner ?
Me: ??
Nachiket: BE Project partner, I mean.
Me: O ! Thats great !
Nachiket: Ok. So we 4 are fix now!
Me: Who ?
Nachiket: You, me, Praj & Harshad. Call Praj & tell him about it (?)

I obeyed & called Praj. Then we had a telephonic conference among 4 partners & in that we first decided to meet at Relax for "further discussion"
So, It started this way ! After attending seminar by Dreamz on BE project, suddenly everyone was on fire to find "perfect match". (Of course, I was absent for that seminar!) & our group formed successfully.
Since formation, We are following some rules. For any discussion, we go to Relax or to Durga ! I don't know how efficiently we discuss there but its an unbreakable tradition now & Praj tries to break it by suggesting some other place because of "Gym Effect"

As final year student, we have a whole day reserved as Project day. So we 4 try to do some work on that day. As we have whole day, we don't do much individually on remaining 6 days !
On that special day, we decide one home, Mine or Praj's for meeting, mostly Praj's home is selected. If timing is fixed, I & Harshad go to Praj around half hour late after prescribed timing. Praj is usually on his computer downloading something. No sign of Nachiket ! So instead of wasting time, we go to Youtube to see some videos & have a discussions on it. After some time Nachiket comes & joins us in that. In the meeting we always have competition about lowest level PJs. There is no lower limit to such PJs & mostly they are based on current situations! We invent so many new words in discussion (i.e. Hebdalichya, LZ & many other that I won't dare write here :P)
After Youtube session we try to do actual Project work seriously for maximum half an hour. Its time for Harshad to sleep & Nachiket to play OST form LOTR. So both continue with their wishes & we enjoy!
After some more time, we realize that we all are hungry & its time to take lunch. No one opposes to this proposal & we decide restaurant of the day where we can discuss while taking lunch. Our lunch section continues for one & half hour & ends with Paan of Nachiket.
Post lunch section is obviously lazy. I also sleep some time. Praj is totally unaware of what is being done by Nachiket on computer, looks here & there & starts playing with cellphone. Harshad can sleep in any position so no question about him. Only Nachiket works on computer doing some Gammat which usually involves copy paste form different places & ends in unsolvable mess up. It takes around half an hour for others to understand what he wants to do, what he has done & how to come out form it. After tackling that problem, we take a short break & go to some other sites to enjoy !
After some time, we feel that its evening now & we are suppose to go home. We decide to go to Durga or Relax!
while coming out from Praj's home, we realize that we haven't done any remarkable in whole day. So we decide to do something constructive next time & this happens again & again & again...

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Prajwalit said...

conversation extended...

abhijit: hello project partner...
me: aila... kalla ka tula... harshad ni sangitla ka..
relax la bhetu...

afta 20 mins @at relax
(then no one talked anything for next 2-3 mins) :D
i remember... nuste hasat baslo hoto...

Prateek said...

the best part about everything above is that all four of u r great friends.. and shall always have a great time working with each other.. no matter how u spend it.. u are just gonna have have fun.. so dont waorry and all d best .. and dont forget to consult me for my expert comments anytime.. ;).. keep up the gud work..

KNachiket said...

Well... what pra (j & teek ) say is right....
Actually I first called Harshad and told him abt the Dreamz and urgency in forming group and actually "asked" if we could form a group, then realized, there was no need to ask, it was understood, it was obvious. Then we called Praj with the same thought process, and at last blog-writer Abhijit with the same things in mind... just a little confusion ,will he come.. ??
But Lord answered our prayers and here we are.. :P

PS: I will not write such things on blogs, if I were you, Lord.... :)

Ameya said...

lolzz...good post mate... truly described each of your project members.. hehe
and as for praj... let me tell you that he can also sleep any time anywhere... just let the "Gym effect" take over and see the magic.. lolzz

now add a post what conv WE all i.e.. me,salil,vinayak,sandeep ppl do wen we get together... that one will be far more hilarious...lolzz

Sahil said...

hey nice post dude.... bhari maja karta tumhi sagle project discussion chya nava khali... hehe... navin PJ post kar...