My side

No autobiography is completely true!!
But I don't know about blogs !!
As this is my first attempt to write a blog, I am unsure whether to write complete truth or not? But basically I am unsure what is true & what is false. I am always influenced by people surrounding me or the people whose decisions affect my life like politicians( I am coming soon with influence of politics on my life as a separate topic because it is my special interest) & I always like to listen their views. I like to observer rather than just watching.
I have arrived at the conclusion that there is no absolute truth or false. There can't be. All is our frame of reference.When people say it is true, it is true by their view of reference. I have seen many people quarreling with each other for truth of their own frame. When they approached me, I saw that both are right in their sense & I couldn't choose one of them as absolute truth. There can't be neutrality. Our life doesn't contain a object called Algebra. In Algebra, 2+2 is 4.
But in real life ,there is no guarantee that it will hold true. 2+2 can be 4, 5 or even negative in life. In Algebra, we accept this because it doesn't affect our life directly( Of Course, it affects our marks of Maths!). A fact is always like a n dimensional polygon where each can see only one side and can imagine other sides & try to conclude from his view & interpret his version of truth !
Of course, most of the people of this society have similar view about good things and bad things. Thats why world is going well in all sense! They believe in GOD , His power, sins and all stuffs that keep them aways from bad thing & take them towards these things. I always wonder who gave right to a man to hurt another man ? Of course if one hurt some one, who gave right to system to punish guilty person ? Only because some people who created the constitution thought that as unethical ? But it is required as we have to move this world efficiently so someone has to take the charge!
This is my side of truth! May be this is totally crap according to you. But if you think in that way, I think its a victory of my side because its a contraction in my thoughts & i am fond of playing with this.

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KNachiket said...

Well, firstly I agree that everything is relative. It is difficult to say anything is absolutely bad or good. Every person has a reason for his actions, at a conscious or subconscious level. He does what he thinks best at a time.
About facts: Well facts cannot be relative, facts are usually absolute. Because if a leaf is green it is or the sky is blue or 2+2=4 it is true. Fact is an observation based conclusion for which we have not up till now not found a contradiction. When we do find a contradiction, that fact will not remain a fact.
If you do not see the leaf as green from your frame of reference then you are a dog or a pigeon or a cat...!! :P... that is to say, facts are collectively accepted truths, non-contradicted up to date by any observation.
Well while saying this.... I am arguing my frame of reference, indeed I must put forth my view. But there is a limit till which I will argue. These limits vary from event to event and person to person. A fight is caused when these limits are too small, and the issue too connecting. But then I think that these definitions of limit and connecting issues are also relative.
Also there must be agreement on certain issues otherwise man cannot live in society. Man need other's help in living life the way he has chosen, going to school or work or having to eat or enjoy or anything. In our life, the things we have given priorities to and things we consider to be our needs, we have to lead a social life. There cannot be Internet without society.

So to end, so that I may begin again, one day, everything is relative is what I agree, but
fact is fact, if you know what I mean :P.