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Puneri Patya.. A true pride of Pune. Something which can be only compared with Sadashiv Peth, Pune. Both show real puneri style of thinking ! :D :P

Following site has huge collection of puneri patya..

Puneri Paatya

See replies along with patya. They are also awesome.
One more thing about the site. It is created by PICTians. So, a more reason to be proud of it. ( Thanks to Nachiket for this information !)

Narendra Modi wins again...

Narendra Modi is again the "man in the news". This time because of his "unexpected" huge success in Gujrat elections.

I say unexpected because the all the exit polls, the so called channel experts, even the bigger men in Gujrat BJP like Keshubhai Patel were against him. It was a battle between Namerdra Modi vs all Congress along with news channels. But he proved everyone wrong.

I think he is the true here of this event & we must accept it. Many people including some of my friends are on the level of high frustration because of his win but they must understand that Elections were for Gujrat people & they definitely know more than us about Modi & Gujrat. If they choose their government, who are you crying that these people are dumb & can't take decision for them. Just speaking by watching news channels is very easy. Everyone knows the standard of Indian news channel. Those channels shows some news if they get time after showing Bhoot Pret, Tantra Mantra & all nonsense stuff.

Back to Gujrat isuue again. In India, no party is perfect. It can't be. For existance, it has to follow all the way. For an election, what the party has done in last 5 years is important. For ruling party, what development it has done is important. For opposing party,whats the failure of ruling party & how it opposed controversial decisions of ruling party should be taken into consideration. And BJP has done excellent in last 5 years. No one can deny that. Here is the link that gives satisfactory reasons why Gujrat people voted for Narendra Modi. If you continue with the riots in 2002, you can't think anything unbiased. Every party in India has a riot associated with it. You cant ignore Congress for 1984 Sikh riots because it is too old now or it happened after Indira Gandhi's murder or Nandigram in West Bengal in ruling of leftists. People wanted peace which Modi gave them in last 5 years. He is not compromising on this issue, where Sonia don't speak anything against his aligned party leader M. Karunanidhi who praised her husband's murderer. Enen BJP won seat of Jamalpur which is of Muslim majority. This can't happen without trust of muslims on Modi.

So, moral is be open minded. Congratulate Modi for his win. If you can't do that, wait for next elections in Gujrat !!

Some error messages..

I don't need to explain the importance of error messages in a program! But while doing practice programs its very boring to write usual error messages. So, while doing programs for shell, awk, perl, JS , we (our golden quadrilateral ) have invented some new interesting error messages as follows

1) ghari ja (of course, my favourite)
2) jau de re
3) shyyyaaa, jiv de tu, palindrome nahiye
4) vaajavaa re vaajavaa, palindrome ahe
5)loop maddhe pochlo re. zop ata tu
6) zoplas kay ? loop sampla
7) chui chui (Harshad's favourite)
8) Arere , prime no. nahi bichara
9) baas, prime no. ahe. lagna honar lagech
10)naav sang bala tuze (for asking username)
11) ghari ja, tu tu nahisach (for wrong password)
12)correct choice de na ! ugich kashala shivya khato ?
13)are file name kon denar? Tuza ... ?
14) ethe nahi ghari bagh
15)he ghe ans. radu nako
16) parat karnar ka ? (execute)
17)File sampli
18)Are khote ka bolata ? Paap lagel ! ( Afte giving invalid input)

Saddhya tari evadhe baas !!

The Project Day

Nachiket: Would you like to become my partner ?
Me: ??
Nachiket: BE Project partner, I mean.
Me: O ! Thats great !
Nachiket: Ok. So we 4 are fix now!
Me: Who ?
Nachiket: You, me, Praj & Harshad. Call Praj & tell him about it (?)

I obeyed & called Praj. Then we had a telephonic conference among 4 partners & in that we first decided to meet at Relax for "further discussion"
So, It started this way ! After attending seminar by Dreamz on BE project, suddenly everyone was on fire to find "perfect match". (Of course, I was absent for that seminar!) & our group formed successfully.
Since formation, We are following some rules. For any discussion, we go to Relax or to Durga ! I don't know how efficiently we discuss there but its an unbreakable tradition now & Praj tries to break it by suggesting some other place because of "Gym Effect"

As final year student, we have a whole day reserved as Project day. So we 4 try to do some work on that day. As we have whole day, we don't do much individually on remaining 6 days !
On that special day, we decide one home, Mine or Praj's for meeting, mostly Praj's home is selected. If timing is fixed, I & Harshad go to Praj around half hour late after prescribed timing. Praj is usually on his computer downloading something. No sign of Nachiket ! So instead of wasting time, we go to Youtube to see some videos & have a discussions on it. After some time Nachiket comes & joins us in that. In the meeting we always have competition about lowest level PJs. There is no lower limit to such PJs & mostly they are based on current situations! We invent so many new words in discussion (i.e. Hebdalichya, LZ & many other that I won't dare write here :P)
After Youtube session we try to do actual Project work seriously for maximum half an hour. Its time for Harshad to sleep & Nachiket to play OST form LOTR. So both continue with their wishes & we enjoy!
After some more time, we realize that we all are hungry & its time to take lunch. No one opposes to this proposal & we decide restaurant of the day where we can discuss while taking lunch. Our lunch section continues for one & half hour & ends with Paan of Nachiket.
Post lunch section is obviously lazy. I also sleep some time. Praj is totally unaware of what is being done by Nachiket on computer, looks here & there & starts playing with cellphone. Harshad can sleep in any position so no question about him. Only Nachiket works on computer doing some Gammat which usually involves copy paste form different places & ends in unsolvable mess up. It takes around half an hour for others to understand what he wants to do, what he has done & how to come out form it. After tackling that problem, we take a short break & go to some other sites to enjoy !
After some time, we feel that its evening now & we are suppose to go home. We decide to go to Durga or Relax!
while coming out from Praj's home, we realize that we haven't done any remarkable in whole day. So we decide to do something constructive next time & this happens again & again & again...

Why Did chicken cross the road ?

I asked following question to some persons

Why Did chicken cross the road ?

It is natural for these persons to forget such a questioner. So we will forgive them & enjoy the answers.



I will tell it after the meetings with Sonia Gandhi & Congress Committee.


We are with marathi chickens. Let us see who has power to touch those chickens!


Since I have become Agriculture Minister, yield of chickens in India is increasing. One day you will see everywhere, not only one, but hundreds of chickens crossing the road.

R.R. Patil :

I agree with Saaheb.

L. K .Adwani :

Its a move by weakest government of ManmohanSingh to divert attention of poor people of this country. I am shortly starting a nationwide RathYaatra to create awareness among people !

Prakash kaarat:

There are only two sides of a road - Left & Right. It chicken is on left side now, We congratulate it for coming to right side else we we condemn it.


We will make a committee to study this matter which will try give report in 10 years.


We have to check whether it crosses the road at the time of RED SIGNAL on zebra crossings or not !


Harshad :

सोड ना ! कशाला उगीच tension घेतो ! If it is optional, then mark "C" option as it is true many times !
Otherwise tell as "out of syllabus"

Nachiket( Yes, the same famous Nachiket Kakatkar) :

I think I have read similar problem about horse. Lets try to apply it here.But I tell you 30,000 times that it was not a chicken. It was someone else. I can bet on it but I am ready to loose nothing !

Salil :

The scientific name for domestic Chicken is Gallus domesticus. Chicken is a type of domesticated fowl believed to be descended from the wild Indian and south-east Asian red jungle fowl.(Blah, Blah, Blah .... This continues about biology, history, information, breeding & care of chickens for 3 pages with information form 5 different reference books because toppers get 5 library cards in PICT !)
So, Chicken crossed the road.


Google it!


Can I eat that chicken. I haven't ate chicken in last 11 hours !


As the chicken is going form one side to another, its calories are consumed. It helps in weight loss. I am also trying to follow chicken to reduce my weight.


I will discuss it with Kedar in next meeting.


Why are you guys always try to divide chickens like you always try to divide my group. See chickens are good. I have selected photo of 2 chickens as my photo on Orkut. Thats why I get so many friend requests everyday !
Don't you have any work ? I am studying now. So DND !


I am a pure vegetarian. So, I won't discuss such non veg issues.


Can you hear the beats made by chicken while crossing the road. You should feel that. It maintains its individuality even if it is crossing the road.


I agree with Jitesh or Ketaki. With anyone you tell !


Did you really see it ? I cant be true.Did you see any one of us? It was suppose to meet us secretly at our secret meeting with Kalpak ! We will take extra care next time. Now forget what happened !


आईला ! तू अजुन्ही कोंबडीच्याच पाठी आहेस का ?

My side

No autobiography is completely true!!
But I don't know about blogs !!
As this is my first attempt to write a blog, I am unsure whether to write complete truth or not? But basically I am unsure what is true & what is false. I am always influenced by people surrounding me or the people whose decisions affect my life like politicians( I am coming soon with influence of politics on my life as a separate topic because it is my special interest) & I always like to listen their views. I like to observer rather than just watching.
I have arrived at the conclusion that there is no absolute truth or false. There can't be. All is our frame of reference.When people say it is true, it is true by their view of reference. I have seen many people quarreling with each other for truth of their own frame. When they approached me, I saw that both are right in their sense & I couldn't choose one of them as absolute truth. There can't be neutrality. Our life doesn't contain a object called Algebra. In Algebra, 2+2 is 4.
But in real life ,there is no guarantee that it will hold true. 2+2 can be 4, 5 or even negative in life. In Algebra, we accept this because it doesn't affect our life directly( Of Course, it affects our marks of Maths!). A fact is always like a n dimensional polygon where each can see only one side and can imagine other sides & try to conclude from his view & interpret his version of truth !
Of course, most of the people of this society have similar view about good things and bad things. Thats why world is going well in all sense! They believe in GOD , His power, sins and all stuffs that keep them aways from bad thing & take them towards these things. I always wonder who gave right to a man to hurt another man ? Of course if one hurt some one, who gave right to system to punish guilty person ? Only because some people who created the constitution thought that as unethical ? But it is required as we have to move this world efficiently so someone has to take the charge!
This is my side of truth! May be this is totally crap according to you. But if you think in that way, I think its a victory of my side because its a contraction in my thoughts & i am fond of playing with this.